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Razzvio @ Perihelion Brewery

Razz always marches to her own beat. She plays the violin like a guitarist but has never touched a pick. She has performed in front of hundreds of people in massive concert halls and also rocks out to Jimi Hendrix on street corners. She travels the country in a self built solar powered van, exploring big cities and hidden secret towns. What is her secret to being a so-called “fearless” explorer?

Razz’s mix of music and storytelling break down how to overcome fear, start setting up building blocks to create a foundation for change, and how to find allies along the way. Her personal stories about overcoming fear and challenges strike resonating chords with her audience and her ability to use the structure of looping to sonically illustrate her points gives an interactive spin on solving problems using everyday tools and a little improvisation.

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Later Event: June 16
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