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We were honored to be part of the class of 2016 when a whopping 861 breweries joined the ranks of America’s booming beer industry,.

Beacon Hill Finally got a brewery to call its own in 2016 ...and the community immediately embraced the venue as their own. You’ll usually find 11 house-brewed beers on tap to accompany the food, which is every bit as impressive as Les McAuliffe’s beer.

 [Kendall Jones]


Seattle Times june 2016


Perihelion Brewery is the hot new pub on Beacon Hill. It opened in February at the elbow of South McClellan Street and Beacon Avenue South, a relief for co-owner and brewer Les McAuliffe, who recalled many sweaty nights during the build-out. No one else had a brewery on Beacon Hill. Maybe everyone knew something he didn’t, he thought. {Tan Vihn}



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Beacon Hill's first brewery is pretty short on indoor space, but it does have a killer patio complete with a fire pit. ... Perihelion seems made for sun-worshiping; the name, after all, means " the closest point to sun of an object's orbit."


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We were especially excited to find out Perihelion has food. FOOD! And we gotta admit, we were ready to grub with a menu that included Caribbean sandwiches, stout adobo wings, fried brussels sprouts and a blue cheese-truffle burger (check out their website for more food options!)

WATCH Sarah get a tour of the place and try a few brews!