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Perihelion Brewery serves up exquisite beers and savory morsels at the top of Beacon Hill


Les McAuliffe has been brewing award-winning beer since 1998.  His passion for Belgian ales is at the center of his beer making.  We are serving up 12 beers, ales, ciders and mead on tap as well as mouthwatering savory servings perfectly paired with beer. Perihelion Brewery opened February 2016 at the crest of Beacon Hill, close to light rail. 


The "perihelion" is the closest point to sun of an object's orbit . Come be warmed by our beers and food, we guarantee you'll leave us with a glow.

Our hearty proprietors Les and Karin  

Our hearty proprietors Les and Karin





2800 16th Ave South
Seattle, WA 98144

At the corner of 16th Avenue South and South McClellan Avenue


New SUMMER Hours

T, W, Th  4p–10p

Fri         4p-12p
Sat       Noon–12p
Sun       Noon-9p.


Music Tuesdays !

July 26th   Shed Boys

August 9th Los Buhos








What's On Tap

We're always brewing something new. Come have a taste or stay a while. We have 11 of our own brews and 1 cider.

We sell 64 oz and 32 oz Growlers to take away. 

Red Betelgeuse ipa - coming soon

100 IBU with both alpha bittering hops and late addition hops. Roasted beets added late in the fermentation tank add a red color and subtle earthiness. 

Betelgeuse red ale - not currently available

This red ale has a strong malty body and 6.5% ABV, it is balanced well with abundent late addition hops. With the big spicy hop profile this ale finished dry. The addition of roasted beets gives this ale a red color and subtle earthiness. 

 The ‘36’ IPA - On tap


Named after the 36 bus that runs in front of the brewery this IPA is a medium bodied golden amber brew with an ABV around 5.1%  the ingredients in this ale balance each other nicely giving this ale a nice flavor and finish, and you could have another one every 10 minutes just like the '36' bus.

The '60' IPA - on tap

The 60 is a gentler version of the 36, focusing more on the floral quality of late addition hops and less on bittering. At 5.7% ABV the '60' is an easy ride - no transfer needed. 

summer kolsch - on tap

Summer is here and so is the kolsch. This beer is clean, crisp and refreshing. It pours with a white, fine bubble head and produces hints of lemon in the nose. ABV 5.1%

Honey-Ginger Stout - back in the fall

A full bodied giant of an imperial stout. Pours with a thick tan head and has a rich full mouthfeel Chocolate and coffee notes are prevalent balanced with a hoppy bitterness. The addition of honey in the secondary fermenter gives this beer a fairly dry finish for an imperial ale and belies the high ABV of 10%.



A medium bodied stout pours with a light brown head at 6.5% ABV. The aroma is full of hops and roasted grains. It finishes crisp, clean and dry. When served on a nitro tap there is an added wonderful creamy texture.


Roasted Pepper IPA - not currently available

We flame roast fresh poblano peppers and add them to the boil along with the hops. The toasted pepper aroma dominates the nose, but blend with hops and malt giving a unique and balance IPA that goes great with our burgers and BBQ. This is 6.5% ABV ale. 

Imperial Rye IPA - not currently available

The imperial Rye IPA has a copper yellow color with a white head of tight bubbles and a  7.9% ABV. The roasted grain flavors come through on this rich malty IPA. We have added generous amount of both early and late addition hops to give the full aroma and bitterness of an IPA. There is a subtle stone fruit finish on the tongue. 

'daedalus' rye saison - on tap

The Deadalus is the father of the Icarus. We ramped up the rye and hops giving this beer a little more malt body and spicy mouth-feel. With a 7.6% ABV this ale is moving toward 'imperial; in strength. 

Little Belgian Blonde - on tap

Light in color and easy to drink with a 5.5 %ABV   This ale has a white head of small bubbles and finishes crisp and dry on the palate.. The Belgian yeast lends a tropical fruit notes. 

Apogee -Dark BELGIAN strong  - ON TAP

 This big Dark Belgian Strong Ale takes the place of Polaris Belgian Golden. Apogee has flavor notes of anise, raisin and dates and is almost creamy in your mouth.  The big malt body balances nicely with the alcohol warmth. of 9.3% ABV.. 

Polaris- Belgian Golden - not currently Available

This the Blonde, Bigger, Bolder and Maltier. 9% ABV

Johnny "Tacoma" Scottish Ale - not currently available

Johnny 'T" is a beautiful deep amber with a tan head of medium bubbles. The aroma is a mixture of malt, roasted grains and the 6.5% ABV.  This a full bodied ale with a smooth complex flavor of  toasted grains, fruit and caramel. 

sour cheery black saison - on tap

Black saison kettle soured with lactobacillus and fermented with dark tart cherries. It's dry sour, fruity with hints of dark roasted malts. At 5.4% ABV this ale is easy drinking.

Icarus Saison - not currently available

A beautiful straw colored ale with a creamy tight bubbled white head. The ale has the classic Belgian saison spiciness. Our saison is medium bodied and finishes with a sharp dry mouth feel. .This saison has  fruity notes. and comes in at 6.9% ABV

Iris - A Pink SAISON - gone

A beautiful rose colored ale with a creamy tight bubbled off white head.  The fruity notes of a saison are accentuated by the addition of pomegranate and dark sweet cherries. Iris as does Icarus, is medium bodied and finishes dry but slightly more floral due to the fruit additions in the fermenter. ABV is 6.9% 

Little American blonde - on tap

Our Summer Kolsch is so popular we decided to brew the Little American Blonde for the warm summer weather. With a very light body session ale we added honey and hops late in the fermentation to give the flower profile another layer of complexity. 4.1% ABV.

cold brew coffee ale

Surprisingly light for a dark ale. It's like an iced coffee and ale in the same glass. Perfect for a hot summer afternoon. 5.6% ABV

stellar double pale ale

Big malty pale with a clean finish. Well balanced with low alspha Golding hops. 6.7% ABV

schilling cider - always on tap

Rotating selection from our friends at Schilling. A good option for people who may be gluten intolerant. 







We're kitty-corner from the Beacon Hill light rail station and 36 busline. Parking is limited. Please respect the neighbors and do not park in the Red Apple parking lot.